"Mention, MIDA 2007 Awards: Residential B"

Together-nest (a.k.a. a one-room home at MJC)(An architect's love poem) Two architects, a Mr. and Mrs. Needed their own space(s) With not much cash, decided to renovate Dad's old flat. In one of Kuching's new townships" 9 across and 9 metres deep Three storeys up, And not much "meat". "There are no walls between us," he declared. An open-plan layout it is. "There shall be no walls between us," she agreed. A one-room home is bliss. So the living room is the bedroom which is the study, and a place to read. Except when time to eat, when the futon is rolled up before the sushi is. One big space, plus one more for the cook. Materials used found, bought Given or sought. The ambience is of memories and dreams. Only yesterday it seemed on school benches they met much like those recreated. The cement screed finish and the "curtain" wall was a design choice, though the banker did make some noise... Much like teochew porridge, it's not for the rich. it's an expanse of screed with a touch of timber where you sit your arse down for dinner. Design does matter, to eradicate clutter So the walls have pockets. Much less of a mess promoting…to-get-her-ness. Architecture is serious business. If you are rich, the solutions are endless. Much better if you are poor because less IS more.